SWP STAGE – the indoor ski resort

SWP STAGE stands out for its high flexibility and individual equipment options. Design it precisely to your taste. SWP STAGE is an integrated concept that offers, alongside the core business of indoor skiing and snowboarding, additional areas for other usage.

SWP Stage - Das Indoor-Ski Resort

Based on a choice between one or two SWP Ski Slopes, SWP STAGE can be individually set up and partitioned into various sections. For example, you could have an “equipment area” from which your customers can rent winter sports equipment and accessories.


A “changing area” can be equipped with lockers and/or small safes for valuables, along with optional benches and changing cabins. A substantial area of SWP STAGE should be put aside for resting and relaxation, with the option of refreshment vending machines or a bar for small snacks and seating.


Subject to our SWP CI standards, we offer you not only matching the size precisely to your requirements but also great flexibility in the layout of a variety of information and advertising spaces.