SWP Ski-Slope

Perfect design for optimised riding pleasure: the core product of SKIWORLD PRO, the SLOPE ski simulation unit offers perfect indoor skiing fun for young and old.

What matters most when skiing or snowboarding is the correct posture, bending the knees and getting the timing right. SWP SLOPE is a compact and realistic skiing simulation unit, on which you can practise the correct balance, optimum edging and perfect turns.

Our Ski Slopes are designed in a way that offers all skiers or snowboarders enough room for big turns and for several people to keep clear of one another.

On all the indoor Ski Slopes, the inclination of the surface – corresponding to the steepness of the slope – can be varied individually and very simply between 9° and 22° by remote control or by pressing buttons. The surface speed is also adjustable, allowing it to be matched to the skiers’ and snowboarders’ capabilities. This minimises the risk of falls and injuries.

  • Skiing surface: special indoor ski grass in white
  • Adjustable inclination of the skiing platform from 9° − 22°
  • Continuously variable surface speed from 1−25 km/h
  • Slope angle and speed can be adjusted independently.
  • Safe start and stop procedures for setting off and halting gently
  • Frontal grab rail for training with optional hydraulic height adjustment (optional)
  • Semi-silvered observation mirror (optional)
  • Walking zone with colour-marked surface (blue artificial turf)
  • Lateral and upper edge protection (offers additional advertising space)
  • Digital central controller with display of all exercise and operation data
  • Portable remote control with all operating functions
  • Four additional emergency-stop switches in the corners

Technical information and properties of the slopes:

Technical information and properties of the slopes: Technical information and properties of the slopes:

Test out SWP Ski Slopes and become an indoor skiing pro!