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SWP Ski Slopes - Indoor skiing at the highest level

SWP Indoor Ski Slopes were developed to facilitate year-round skiing and snowboarding, even far away from high mountains. Ski Slopes are suitable for every age class, for anyone from beginner to pro and offers a correspondingly broad range of applications. Consequently, SWP Ski Slopes provide great preparation for a skiing or snowboarding holiday, or an excellent training option for ambitious sportspeople and professionals.

SWP Ski Slopes are compact and realistic skiing and snowboarding simulation units that offer the chance to learn rapidly whilst having fun through efficient training and quickly achieving success.

Some of the big advantages of SKIWORLD PRO’s Indoor Ski Slopes are:

Indoor Skiing at the highest Level

As a manufacturer, SKIWORLD PRO additionally offers you complete conceptual design and planning, including 3D visualisation for specific applications. We are also happy to support you in the development of optimised marketing and an operating model.

Discover SWP Ski Slope, SWP Stage, SWP World and SWP Mobile and realise an indoor skiing and snowboarding experience precisely to your taste. SWP Ski Slopes are constantly being improved by using the valuable input of Austrian skiing pros.

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