The skiing season having ended early and abruptly this year, many feel a
great longing to practice this beautiful sport again. So that nobody
ends up on dry ground, there are ski slopes from SKIWORLD PRO. For more
information please consult our website:

The skiing federation of Andorra (FAE) is performing their training sessions over the summer 2020 on one of SKIWORLD PRO’s slopes, as can be read in various articles in the Andorra media.

The skiing season having stopped suddenly this year, many people may
want to practice their favorite sport again in the summer or perform
their training in a professional manner.

Ski slopes from SKIWORLD PRO
offer exactly that: effective training and unlimited skiing fun
throughout the year, totally independent from weather or snow

No need to travel far, just hop onto the carpet in your
T-shirt and shorts and start swinging. With our mobile slope you are
even more flexible with regard to the location. For more information

Although snow coverage in the Alps has mostly been good this winter,
there are other areas, which have not seen any snow at all and
temperatures were also much too high. If you still want to practice
skiing without always travelling long distances, indoor ski slopes from
SKIWORLD PRO offer you the opportunity, any day, anytime, regardless of
outside conditions.

Whether heavy snowfall or strong winds are spoiling your skiing
vacation, with indoor slopes from SKIWORLD PRO you can offer undisturbed
skiing fun. Anytime and independent from the weather outside.eben

At the beginning the cross training bar is really helpful in performing parallel swings on an indoor ski slope

Former German slalom champion Felix Neureuther in „Kleine Zeitung“
newspaper: be more sustainable in professional ski training! Avoid
summer trips to glaciers or the southern hemisphere! The alternative:
indoor ski slopes from SKIWORLD PRO. They allow most effective training
sessions year-round, regardless of the weather.

SKIWORLD PRO at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics in Lausanne, Switzerland:

Good luck to all participants ⛷⛷⛷⛷

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